Somerset Studio Magazine  September/October 2012


When I saw the call for "Poe" inspired artwork, I knew I had to make something to send!  This mixed media piece started with a canvas board that I added the poem "The Raven" to .  I then added layers of acrylic paints, more of the poem and corrugated cardboard.  More paint was applied.  I took the picture of Poe and made 5 copies.  I layered them one on the next, each layer getting smaller, and attached them with foam dots.  I did the same with the words "The Raven", and with the raven I stamped to put with the words.  I covered the top and bottom with gaffers tape, did some doodling and used markers to write across the bottom "Nevermore".  

This is a picture of my name and instructions.

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  1. Grr, I had to reset my google password. Let's try this again. I loved this piece! My daughter and I are big Poe fans and you've done a smashing job on this canvas. Bravo, very creative and full of zip and zing. It's great and great news on the publications!