Tuesday, December 10, 2013


What a dream it is!  Getting into Somerset Studio Gallery!

This "Keep Out" piece is one I sent in for their Halloween Call, named "Haunted".  It is a backwards Canvas.  I drew the haunted house and the tree.  Then, I copied it.  I fussy cut it out and layered the pieces for a 3D look!  I drew and cut out the ghosts, and added gauze.  The canvas began with book paper from a Stephen King book and painted over with grey paint.  I used bubble wrap dipped in black paint around the canvas and sanded some off.  The canvas came with the wood I painted black and used as a fence.  I also used a piece like a stake to hold my "keep out" sign.  I used some wire for the fence and the sign, and finished it off with the word "haunted" written on top.

This is another backwards canvas.  The call was for "Holiday", but not the usual holidays.  I picked Yule and made this piece.  I painted the outside of the canvas green.  I added the burlap strips next and finished with a hand written "Yule Blessings" title on top.  To make the star I gathered some sticks from my yard, cut the ends at an angle and glued them together.  While the glue was drying, I wrapped each point with rope.  I added some leaves and other greenery and some gauze to finish it up.

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  1. Both are awesome and congratulations on the publication, always a treat when they accept our pieces!