It was so exciting, I made the cover!!

This is the map and treasure chest I made.  I printed out 2 maps and inked them both up.  Then I cut out pieces of one map to put on top of the other map using foam dots.  The map had great color and dimension.  Last, I curled the edges and burned the map in some spots to really give it an aged look.   I put the map in a wood box when I was done.  I painted the box like the chest.

I used several paints and inks to try to make the chest look old.  It is exciting to find pirate's treasure!

For this piece, I took a tea cup I found at the thrift store for .25.  I put it in a towel and smashed it with a hammer.  I then glued the broken pieces around an oval that looked like tea.  I used gesso as the grout.  Book print paper was cut like leaves and placed them all around the cup.  What a fun mosaic!

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